What Is The GE Supra Key Lock Box System?

The Supra Key box is a really, really cool thing for realtors, auto dealers and anyone else who needs to keep keys handy but locked up. It’s just a lockbox that, for instance, goes on the door of a residence. It holds the key to the residence but no one can get into it unless they know the master code for the GE Supra Key.

That’s right, only the owner who set the code for the Supra Key lock box can open it, get the house key out and unlock the door to the house. No one else can crack the Supra Key box, it is that hardened against being compromised.

The one drawback, and the ONLY drawback in our opinion, is that is you lose the code you are screwed. There is NO back door to the Supra Key lock box. This is by design, however and not really a bad thing. If there was a back door or master code, then the bad guys, the thieves themselves would be able to crack them pretty quickly. With all the information on the Internet, there’s no doubt that the information to be able to back door a Supra Key lock box would get out there in the hands of the bad guys.

So yes, sometimes a Supra lock box can get “bricked” and be rendered unusable. If you find an old Supra Key system and don’t know the code for it, you are S.O.L. – sorry about that, but that’s part of the security of them. This is why you must remember the code that you set for EACH Supra Key box! Keep a master list somewhere where only you and/or your co-workers know where it is, that way if one of you forgets or loses the list, someone else has it.

That aside, the Supra key box is awesome and very handy & convenient. Are you a realtor that needs acces to several houses per day? Ever forget the key or get the wrong one? With the Supra Key lock box, problem solved! You can even set each one to the same master combination, that way you only have to remember one code to unlock all the houses or businesses that you’re listing! Amazing!

How much time would this save you? A trip back to the office during rush hour is a major pain in the butt. It could be a half hour or perhaps an hour or more in a larger city. Time is money and you’re losing out. What is your time worth anyway?

If you make the initial investment ONE TIME in the Supra Key lock box system and purchase a few dozen, you can use them for years, even decades into the future! Talk about an investment.

If you have any questions about the GE Supra Key lockbox, by all means, hit us up!