Key Lock Box

A key lock box is of many types and offers differing but exceedingly efficient solutions for the storage of keys and securing of doors. Most key lock box today, like the Supra Key devices, are highly compact and extremely individualized designs for advanced usage. As such each of these key safe lock box devices has a fixed dimensions that can accommodate a number of keys in them. People who have a multitude of keys and find it increasingly hard to manage them can place all their keys in this box. One can install key lock box wall mount or a more secured and weather-resistant outdoor key lock box.

The huge advantage of key lock box devices is that one can then gain access anytime they like by simply using a master key or entering the code on the dial pad of the box depending on the style of the key lock box. It is an increasingly efficient system of securing and storing all keys and is being used increasingly by business owners around the world. There are various types of a key lock box which will be discussed below.

Types Of Key Lock Box and Their Features

Manual key lock box: These are very basic yet extremely effective, compact boxes which have a storage compartment for a number of keys. They are operated with the use of a master key which makes them extremely secure and reliable. As such these lock boxes are extremely compact and also come with various hooks, loops and clips which can make them mountable on walls, doors and so on. The entire policy behind these boxes is to reduce the number of keys that people have to use down to one master key. As such each of these boxes can come in varying sizes and most often they are mountable on the latch itself which make them extremely convenient to use. They can fit a number of keys depending on their sizes and designs.

Numerical Key lock box: These are lock boxes that are pretty much the same as the manual ones but they come with the added advantage of having no need for any key whatsoever. As such, these boxes come with a digital keypad on the face which people can use to program, enter and change their codes in order to gain access to the key chamber. They have no need for a key and people can simply memorize their entry codes and then gain access to their keys at any time. Even these are extremely portable and easy to use and they make for extremely secure lock boxes.

Digital Lock Boxes: These are the most recent innovations in the field of lock boxes and they do away with both preceding forms of access. These digital lock boxes make use of a registered key card which can be inserted in the lock box in order to gain access to the key chamber. They also come with support for multiple programmed cards which makes them very convenient to use in situations where there is more than one person operating the lock box. As such, these cards themselves are extremely reasonable and multiple cards can be registered on one lock box depending on the needs of the user.

Overall, the technology in making key lock box devices have been greatly developed and modernized over time. Hence, the function of these key lock boxes are still the same which still proves to be important until today. If you want simple but proven security on your keyed assets, a key lock box device will surely perform up to your expectations.