This Is An Unofficial Information Site

This site has nothing to do with the official Supra Key or Supra United Technologies.  This is a purely information site for people looking for help with their lock boxes. We hope that you find this site useful but in no way is it connected to Supra or to the United Technologies Corporation.

How to reset your Supra or Stor-A-Key lockbox

Having a Supra or Stor-a-Key lockbox and not knowing the combination is a rather standard problem that comes up. Even in a real estate agency that tries to keep track of the various lockbox codes, this can be an issue. The problem is that once a PIN or combination has been set there no way … Continue reading

Supra Lockbox Generic How-To Instructions

So opening a Supra Lock Box is generally pretty easy – provided you know the combination to it! This is a generic set of instructions. Ok first up, you clear the lockbox using the bottom slide switch – you pull it towards the bottom. This “clears” the lockbox and makes it ready for you to … Continue reading

What is This DisplayKEY Error Code?

The DisplayKEY can show many different error codes. These can be seen in your manual that you got with the key. If you can’t find it, luckily we have a copy of the list online here: display_key_errorcodes.pdf This list should contain error codes for all the common issues. We hope this is helpful! Also, you … Continue reading

A List Of Supra eKEY Error Codes

Here’s a helpful list of error codes for the Supra eKEY lockbox! ekey_error_codes

How Do I Open A Supra iBox Electronic Lockbox?

To open an iBox, press the enter button to turn on the keypad. Your keypad first displays “key updated” and then changes to “obtain key”. Press enter and your key will prompt you to enter your pin code. If you make a mistake you can use the down arrow key to backspace. Once you’ve entered … Continue reading

How To Place and Remove An iBox From A Listing

To open a Supra Key iBox shackle, you’ll need your updated active key and your 4 digit shackle code for the box. Each keybox has it’s own shackle code and only someone who knows this code can place a keybox on a listing or remove it. Here’s how to release the shackle on an iBox: … Continue reading

Where to Place a Supra Key Lockbox

This might seem to be an obvious answer to a silly question. Where else would you put a lockbox but on the handle of the front door, right!? Well maybe sometimes, maybe even MOST of the time, but not always. Permanent outdoor placement is however the most commonly used method. This just makes it easier … Continue reading

How To Use an iBox Supra Key Lockbox Properly

When you’re selling your house, one way for the realtor to be able to have the key available to show prospective buyers is to keep a key lockbox on or near the property listing. A Suprakey lockbox (or a lockbox made by any other manufacturer for that matter) is simply a box that securely holds … Continue reading

How to unlock an old Supra Key by SPI

A lot of people with Supra Key lock systems come to this site asking what they should do if they’ve forgotten the combination. In some cases, people come across old key lock systems owned by someone else, in other cases the combination has just been forgotten over time. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the combination … Continue reading